Getting married in
an Anglican Church

The minister does not charge for conducting a wedding service.
However, in the Parishes of Toodyay-Goomalling and Gingin-Chittering the Parish Councils have recommended a fee of $300 towards the costs of providing an organist, verger and cleaning and preparing the Church building.
These fees will be discussed with you when you meet with the minister
If you would like to marry in the church  please contact the church warden or the Rector.

There are a number of questions that need to be asked to confirm that you are able to marry, such as whether you have been married before or had a civil partnership. There is also a form to be filled in, and under Australian law, no wedding can take place unless the Marriage Celebrant has recieved the appropriate papers at least one month before the date of the ceremony.
People who do not currently live in the parish but have a connection may  marry in the church, as long as at least one of the couple has been baptised. It may be that one of you grew up in the parish or have grandparents in the parish.
Church weddings can only be conducted by an ordained priest using the religious rites of the Angilcan Church of Australia.
Please do not book a date at the reception venue until we have met! Nothing is written in stone if you need to change the time or date it is usually possible.