Regular Prayer

February 2016 ff

Morning Prayer - Tuesdays at 8
Each Tuesday morning there is a service of Morning Prayer using APBA liturgy in St Stephen's Toodyay at 8 am.  The prayers will include the  requests of those seeking a ministry of healing

Also -- on the third Saturday each month the Combined Churches in Toodyay meet together to pray
Weekly Eucharists are held on Thursdays at 7-00am at The Old Kindergarden Toodyay
  1. ​Prayer for healing.   Healing is part of what often happens during weekly worship in those silent transactions between the worshipper and God.  From time to time people specifically like to have additional prayer for a specific need.  At St Stephen's this can be arranged after the service by chatting to the minister, but, it is also our practice to pray for specific things at our Tuesday service of Morning Prayer
​BIBLE Study and weekday worship in Home Groups. 
For Christians coming together to worship each Sunday morning is an important part of our church life.  So too is spending time with God and studying God's word at other times in the week.  Regular meetings with small groups of other Christians can help with studying and understanding the Bible text, and can also help with exploring the practical issues about how Christian Faith fits into our increasingly complex world