​Baptism (Christening)
The church welcomes people of all ages for Baptism.
Many come with young babies and children looking for a special service, at which they can thank God for the birth of a child and start a journey of faith in a place which is important to them.
Most families will live in the Parish or have strong links with the Parish, such as having themselves been baptised or married in one of the church buildings in the Parish.
Other families are welcome to enquire.

If you are coming to Toodyay-Goomalling or Gingin-Chittering to be baptised, but live elsewhere, the minister will normally inform the local clergy person in your Parish as they may have special services for families and would like to invite you.
If you would like to ask about arranging a baptism, ring and book an appointment when the family and minister can meet to talk about the service. Please do not book a date or venue before this is done.
We offer Baptism as part of the morning service at most of our churches, but services at another time may be arranged.

Our policy is only to book baptism for one family at a time and so the service will just be for you.  We will also invite all families back to a Sunday Service to be welcomed by the church family.  We will also send invitations to special occasions that might interest you!
The service is free.