The Diocese has embraced its Mission Plan entitled 'Daring to Live God’s Promises' until the end of 2017.
As Parishes, we too commit to this vision
We aim to work to meet the vision by:
-glorifying God, supporting people and preserving creation
- making our worship and fellowship accessible, comprehensive and expressive of the diversity of our society
-acknowledging and encompassing our rich and unique landscapes and human history
- seeking to make our faith courageous, visionary, vibrant, risk-taking and meaningful in people’s lives
- working co-operatively with other denominations, the wider community and other faiths,
- daring to speak out as a prophetic voice confronting injustice
- proclaiming the Gospel as public truth
A collaborative style of ministry is encouraged in the Diocese of Perth and adopted by us:
We aim to recognise the unique gifts of each member and to empower use of these to enhance our common worship


  1. Edna Carr
    Edna Carr
    Warden - Toodyay-Goomalling
  2. Stan Ennis
    Stan Ennis
    Warden Gingin-Chittering
These photos of some team people and contacts.....